Rugby player Tyson Wasser (17) suffers sudden massive stroke mid-game due to blood clot in neck
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APRIL 30, 2023. Granite Bay rugby player Tyson Wasser suddenly suffered a stroke mid-game. It was caused by a blood clot in his neck. When he first arrived in Kaiser’s Rehab Center in Vallejo California, he couldn't move his left arm and leg.

Alysa Wanger, one of the nurses who provided immediate first aid to Tyson, says

"It seemed to point toward heat exhaustion, but then as he giggled about something, it became pretty clear that he had a― his smile was not symmetrical, which is one of the signs of a stroke, but with a 17-year-old not something that you think as a first, second, third, or even fourth, fifth [diagnosis]. It's pretty far down the line with a 17-year-old."

What clot-inducing substance could possibly be causing clots in 17-year-olds?


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