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DARPA Hydrogel Magnetic Covid-Jab Has Them Chipped Like A Dog,Like A Walking 5g Wi-Fi Antenna Array
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Published 2 years ago
Mark Steele says the reason why we are seeing magnets attracted to the people who've received the Jab is because the nanotechnology is forming an internal antenna array designed to be connected to the 5G internet of things. Steele believes that the Jab-Victims who are not magnetic received a placebo (which would make sense as a double-blind placebo trial is a standard scientific research method).

When 5G is turned on, Jab-Victims will be able to be located and targeted specifically because they are now essentially a walking Wi-Fi antenna, according to Steele. He believes that 5G will be able to target the Jabbed with like a "Kill Shot", however, I believe that the Globalists agenda is far more sinister. Yes the depopulation agenda is designed to eradicate "Useless Eaters" but having investigated mRNA Magneto 2.0 technology, I believe the result of the Jabbed getting plugged into the 5G system is designed to enslave the mind.

It is a grand experiment that will kill many while rendering the Jabbed who survive as controllable automatons ready to service the machine while generating cryptocurrency as revealed in Microsoft Patent 2020-060606
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