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Interstate Compacts are part of a regionalization effort, which is part of a larger agenda of global governance. The United States as we know it is changing and will likely go away. As a result the Federal government will likely cease to exist and will be replaced by regional and local governments under the purview of global governance.

In our latest installment in The New Model Series we discuss what Interstate Compacts are, how they are one of the building blocks for global governance and how this will effect all of us in the future.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals - Overview

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Source Material, References and further reading

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Unelected Committees
Federal Court Finding

Interstate Compact

High Stakes
By Andrew Stuttaford
July 9, 2020
‘Stakeholder capitalism’ is corporatism in disguise.

From one of our research, collaborators: Lynne Taylor:

Much of the interstate compacts can be tied to the USMCA (US, Mexico, Canada Agreement). See link below

The agreement wasn't written in America, as is being reported. The agreement isn't a law, but Congress sponsored an Act which Trump signed into law to make all the cogs and wheels of the agreement become mandates from the federal government and will dictate where you live, work, and, your place in society.

The agreement also sets up committees which will govern our lives from every aspect. These committees are not necessarily made up of American nationals or bound by the Constitution.

Agreement between the United States of America, the United Mexican States, and Canada

Sustainable Development
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