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Newsbreak 112: Eric Simon, French Researcher, with Updates on Lyn Thyer, David Noakes, & the Faulty European Arrest Warrant
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Ramola D Reports
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Published 3 years ago
Discussion on the underpinnings of the wrongful incarceration of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes by the Pharma-run MHRA in a French prison, using a faulty European Arrest Warrant and the questionable legal authority of the French Prosecuteur on fabricated charges which include perjurious errors in bank account balances, in face of BREXIT and the more credible authority of the European Court of Human Rights.

As many know, David and Lynda were arrested and jailed for healing people of cancer and autism while operating without a license--when GcMAF, the protein they used to heal people with, is a natural substance manufactured by the body and therefore cannot be licensed, yet offered a natural mode of healing being suppressed and squashed by the drug and disease industry headed by MHRA (and run by GlaxoSmithKline). This is a story of the power of Big Pharma and the victimizing of those who have successfully helped heal the diseases Pharma wants to keep active forever, as cash cow in the criminal business model of disease for profit.
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