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AMAZING Beyond Light Free Europa Content - MYSTORY Nr33
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Published 7 months ago |
AMAZING Beyond Light Free Europa Content - MYSTORY Nr33
Beyond Light Release Content Of Destiny2 Video

New Destiny2 Beyond Light content gameplay.
Beyond Light heroic epic exotic quests events gameplay.
Epic Destiny2 2020 locations.
Europa and the new Cosmodrome showcase.
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#newtraveller, #thelastcity, #newseason, #newlocations,
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The Main Content Section Of This Post


Hello World, Hello Viewers!
This new release is probably one of the most important content releases in gaming history with a never before seen ending of the previous season followed by an all new epic and amazing free content update for all players.
I hope follow me on this historic journey which marks the future of one of the most ambitious free mmofps games ever.
So enter the navigator mode and select:


After deciding how to make this video and blog post not over multiple hours long I realised that I have never experienced such a content release in a game before.
My videos might often be gaming videos but I am not the greatest gamer in the universe, maybe the second greatest one.
I am still amazed by what the players got here.


After arriving in the places of my dreams I realised that we now have weather and an all new ice location that is basically enormous.
My homeworld might be at the third planet of the first star in the Vega galaxy but Europa starts becoming my second home.
I am an alien by the way, if it wasn’t obvious.
Not like the ones from Area 51 they are duchebags.


As expected the Cosmodrome looks as it should and the changed navigator layout was also a new experience for me that was an interesting change.
I would like to tell everyone to try Destiny 2 now that the new content is in some ways better than some of the other locations at least to me because I like ice worlds.
Even the free version seems to be nice to me.


With this update-upgrade we also got new functions and I don’t have an overview of what’s to come next.
As always I am overwhelmed by the new content.


I am not only messing around but I am also trying to give you some unfiltered showcase gameplay from my perspective of the game as an untrained first time traveller to Europa and the Cosmodrome.
I can say that I’d like to live on some of these places.
I also need to ask for some heroic support by following me and giving me feedback.
I hope you can still live after watching this and give some of the following amazing things or not:
Many multiple comments!
Subscriptions with notifications!
Likes on my other videos and watchtime!
Sharing my playlist links and rewatching my stuff in the future!
Putting my videos in playlists!
Adding me to your recommended section and bookmark my pages!
I hope you can forgive me for the hyper caffeinated exclamation marks in my list.
So if you can help me creating more content I would appreciate that, if not I will make more anyway.
I have some ideas to come.
Thank you for consuming!
Yours Sincerely,

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