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CDC ignores vaccine deaths; Voting company CEO arrested for selling voter data to CCP
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CDC IGNORES Vaccine Deaths; Voting Company CEO ARRESTED For Selling Voter Data To CCP

Quote: "The way the CDC tracks adverse events from a vaccine is fundamentally flawed. The CDC’s formula compares how often a particular bad event occurs with how many overall events exist for a vaccine. The number of deaths is so high that the CDC should be flagging it to warn the public. But they haven’t. It’s like they don’t care. Steve Kirsch joins with details. Dr. Jane Ruby hits the air answering all questions vaccine! Is the Shingles injection safe? Should you get tested for COVID when you're sick? Jovan Pulitzer joins to detail the electronic voting devices' ties to China! The CEO of the election software devices, Eugene Yu was ARRESTED for helping to steal the election! Watch this new show NOW at! Visit our friends at Goldco! Call 855-706-GOLD or visit Prepare your family for famine and shortages by purchasing food through: If your dog as been feeling tired or not having the energy it used to, this 1 ingredient could be the reason: Righteously stand against vaccine tyranny by supporting Christopher Key. Reset your testosterone by trying IGF1+: Check out for help increasing your mental & physical strength to battle the deep-state's KRYPTONITE plot against Americans! Destress today, Stew crew sleep sound! Use promo code STEWPETERS10 at checkout for 10% off your order. Check out: STEW20 for 20% off your order or premium CBD! CACOA is a super food, and may be the missing link to strength and happiness. Buy it now: Check out:, for premium coffee, mugs, and more! Use promo code STEW10 at checkout for 10% off! Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user: Follow Stew on Gab: See all of Stew's content at Watch full episodes here: "


5G a weapon system - Don't be fooled by the fake narrative ~ The agenda - They are destroying human kind ~ 60GHz in schools - Lena Pu and Mark Steele interview ~ 5G is target acquiring weapon system - This is not for control but an extermination technology ~ UK Government hacked ~ Report #133: David Noakes on GcMAF cancer treatments, FDA/MHRA/Pharma corruption, & wrongful charges ~ BitChute { noakes falconscafe } ~ The disciples of Ra: The deception of "medicine", viruses & vaccines ~ Viruses don't exist ~ If you don't know what causes what they call a virus you will never know unless you read the science ~ Assembling the kill grid ~ Excerpt: Mark Steele ~ Prof. Francis Boyle "The British must not take these frankenshots"! Interview ~ The MAC phenomenon in people "vaccinated" from COVID-19 ~ Video summary of La Quinta Columna that shows evidence of genocide based on injectable analysis

Illegal organ trafficking of homeless people in Texas? Same thing happened during Hurricane Katrina ~ Homeless vet killing society ~ NATO satanism, testimony, Kay Griggs: Colonel's wife tell-all, oppression, deception, secret society ~ Horus matrix at Normandy Omaha Beach Overlord D-Day 666 Cemetery satanic ritual sacrifice ~ The cover up continues - Share this with all vaccinated, who have been lied to by their doctors ~ Whistleblower: Hospitals killing for organs, "This is absolutely evil and a crime against humanity!" ~ The world must know #PureEvil #HellOnEarth ~ Bombshell: Pfizer vaccine study's massive list of "Adverse events of interest"

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