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How to Purchase, Mix, Use, and Store Your Nano Silver (Moved from YouTube): July 28, 2020
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Published 3 years ago
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How to Purchase, Mix, Use, and Store Your Nano Silver
Written by Terral
July 28, 2020
Watch Terral’s Video Presentation (07.28.2020):
This video is presented to help supporters to purchase, mix, use, and store your Nano Silver using Terral’s methods. A single Nano Silver order includes two 2-ounce bottles of high-grade Nano Silver concentrate @500ppm that when diluted with distilled water produces six liters of Nano Silver at 10ppm. Double orders include four 2-ounce bottles that produce 12-liters of 10ppm Nano Silver when diluted with distilled water. Newsletter Subscribers and non-supporters can now purchase as much Nano Silver as you wish at Terral pays for the shipping/handling of all Newsletter-Survival Group-Mystery Report Newsletter Subscribers, while non-Newsletter Subscribers pay for their own shipping-handling. International non-supporters have the single option of purchasing double orders only at a higher rate to cover additional shipping-handling-customs charges associated with their purchases. All Nano Silver shipments are delivered using USPS Priority Mail with tracking numbers provided for International orders, and any order within the USA that is not delivered within one-to-two-week period, as stated in the Nano Silver Purchase Notification Email. The average time of delivery inside the USA is 2 to 4 days. You will receive your 8-page PDF Instructions with your original Nano Silver Purchase Notification Email for downloading and printing for use once your Nano Silver shipment is delivered. Everyone purchasing Nano Silver is advised to purchase the required items (listed below) in advance, while waiting for your Nano Silver shipment to be delivered.
Steps for Mixing Your Nano Silver:
1. All Nano Silver orders are filled and shipped using 2-ounce Boston Amber Round Glass Bottles with a black cap (image) filled with the 500ppm concentrated solution.
2. Your Nano Silver is always diluted with distilled water only (image)! You will need approximately one gallon of distilled water for each 2-ounce bottle of Nano Silver concentrate.
3. Terral uses 3-liter Ocean Spray PETE1 bottles painted black (image of 1-gallon bottle for illustration only) for diluting the highly-concentrated Nano Silver in the Laboratory down to 500ppm for bottling and shipping; and for diluting the 500ppm concentrate to the 10ppm solution. The PETE1 bottles are painted black to protect the Nano Silver solution from exposure to the light for reducing the changes of degradation during the production-dilution processes, but painting the bottles is not required. Clean 3-liter bottle thoroughly to then rinse with some of your distilled water to remove any remaining residue for removing particulates from your final 10ppm solution.
4. Fill your 3-liter bottle half full of distilled water, then simply pour the entire contents of one 2-ounce Nano Silver concentrate bottle into the 3-liter bottle. Terral then pours a bit of the distilled water into the 2-ounce bottle (3 times) to ensure all the Nano Silver contents (the 500ppm solution is sticky) goes into the 3-liter mixing bottle. Then, pour distilled water to the bottom of the neck of the 3-liter bottle (same level as the original juice contents) ... Blessings, Terral
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Newsletter subscribers can get enough Nano Silver concentrate to make 12 liters of Nano Silver Solution (10ppm) for just $100 and we pay for the shipping. Non-subscribers can get the same amount for just $115 at and there is no limit on orders.
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