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7 Laws of Mental Health | Barbara O’Neill
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Published 2 months ago

What are the 7 laws that govern mental health? Do brain cells regenerate? Is it possible to rewire your brain and recover from depression, anxiety, or abuse? Can you trust God? In this presentation, Barbara O’Neill looks at the brain’s amazing ability to grow, adapt, and heal itself, if given the right conditions. The most important of these conditions is trust in God. Learn how to forgive someone who doesn’t deserve forgiveness, how to overcome panic attacks, and how to rewire the brain in 60 days. Find out about the 3 behaviors that stimulate brain derived neurotropic factor so that your brain can heal. Discover how to trust God even through your grief. New How To Country Channel Link:    / @howtocountry5591   New Truth Matters Shorts Channel Link::    / @truthmatters-shorts744   Donate to Amazing Discoveries: https://store-us.amazingdiscoveries.o... For Uncensored Content Watch on ADtv: Visit our website: Join Us at Our Next Event!


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