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Clay Clark: 74 Updates You Need to Know NOW
Published a year ago

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74 Updates You Need to Know NOW:

Klaus Schwab | Klaus Schwab Discusses the Future of TOTAL MASS Censorship Which He Calls, "hé xié" - WATCH -
National Security Memorandum on Partial Revocation of Presidential Policy Directive 28 - READ -
One World Government | "Join Me I'm Glad to Sit Here At the Right Hand of Satan. We Americans Are Going to Have to Yield Up Some of Our Sovereignty." - Walter Cronkite - WATCH -
October 16th 2012 - Why Was a Patent Filed for the Creation of An Artificial Immune System: Methods for Making and Use?
Are Central Banks Going Bankrupt? Morgan Stanley Makes A Striking Observation - READ -
Kanye West and Tucker Carlson | "It's a Genocide of the Black Race. Planned Parenthood Was Made by Margaret Sanger a Known Eugenicist." - WATCH -
Why Did Representative Joe Courtney Introduce the HR 748 CARES ACT Designed to Fund COVID-19 Relief 1 Year and 1 Month Before the COVID-19 Pandemic Ever Occured? -
Is Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy Calling Preventative Action?
Can Lindsey Graham cannot be trusted? WATCH -

Bill Gates | The Great Reset | "Cows Alone Account for About 6% of Global Emissions, So We Need to Change Cows." - Bill Gates - WATCH -

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