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#275: Catholic Anti-Feminism—Stephanie Gordon
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Patrick Coffin Show
Published 3 months ago |
Stephanie Gordon is the wife of author podcaster Timothy Gordon, and the mother of their seven kids. She has written a book called Ask Your Husband: A Catholic Guide for Femininity, which has been quite the object of derision in the Catholic internet space.

Most of her critics are working Catholic women who consider themselves conservative and some are authors with their own books against Mrs. Gordon’s thesis. Indeed, she has touched the ecclesial third rail by defending the biblical and magisterial tradition of Catholic husbands imitating Christ through servant leadership and Catholic wives submitting to their husbands.

It seems less than 1% of self-identifying Catholic conservatives want to go touch this third rail out of misplaced fear of angry women who think submission means slavery and headship means tyranny.

Points Covered in this episode
👉Why is this book now from this author
👉The many biblical passages that affirm wifely submission and why it’s not “culturally conditioned” out of binding relevance
👉A brief history of the Church’s teaching against married women working outside the home
👉Why you never hear women saying, “Let me ask the boss,” whereas it’s a cliche among men to say the words regarding their wives.
👉How feminism made deep and wide inroads into the mindset of Catholics
👉Pro tips on making marriage great again

Resources mentioned in this episode
👉Ask Your Husband: A Catholic Guide for Femininity, by Stephanie Gordon
👉The Case for Patriarchy, by Timothy Gordon
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