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Sleep Sanctuary - Comparison Of Bedroom Factors On Sleep
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EMF Protection
Published 2 months ago |

Invisible EMF are ever present in our sleeping areas and they are linked to biological effects via many studies. (BioInitiative Report)

Sleep is our time to recoup, repair and heal. Shouldn't we grant our sleep every ability to perform these vital tasks, and if not what are the long term ramifications?

My personal health has improved markedly since making changes. With what I know now about my own health having been compromised as I look back I can see the signs that showed up along the way. I had to find solutions that worked for me and fortunately in my case this has been the turning point.

Just as the author of the book ' Exposed - The electronic sickening of America and how to protect yourself' states - 'If one is ill and has no discernible cause, it seems to be a good idea to at least reduce one's exposure to disease-causing EMF. Get that off the table. Can we prove an illness was caused by these issue, no. What we can do is measure for and locate sources of man-made EMR and eliminate them from being a factor. And the precautionary principle makes a lot of sense.

Man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is not found in nature and is therefore foreign to the human body. Some seem to handle it ok, or atleast we think we do. But others aren't so fortunate.

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