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testimony of a tattoo artist about the blood of the vaccinated
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Pulpito Pulpo
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Published 2 years ago
For a few months, we have noticed that vaccinated people react strangely during tattoo sessions: the skin of the vaccinated no longer forms drops at all (a slight bleeding that is normal when the skin is broken) and we have also noticed that almost there is no redness or swelling. This is not particularly worrisome for our profession, but it is very alarming. Indeed, there is a change in the blood, the skin no longer defends itself.

Before the summer there were a few cases, but since the great wave of vaccines they are all. It's simple: in 20/30 minutes we can tell if you have been vaccinated or not just by looking at how the skin behaves.

Today many colleagues are also aware that there is a big problem. I don't know if this will happen, but more than 5/6 months after the 2 doses, patients still have skin that does not react normally.

I have asked people from the medical world and they confirm that it does affect the blood.

Some nurses also report that blood often clogs catheters when blood is drawn because it is so thick. These concerns are not even reported on problem sites, because it is a daily thing ...

I am looking for people who work in hematology to share and understand what is happening.

I wanted to share this testimony with you.

It takes 30 minutes for blood to clot in an SST tube… not 3 minutes.

From Spanish news here:

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