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Pagan New Year's Connections?
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Published 10 months ago

Many people around the world celebrate December 31st as New Year's eve with drinking parties and resolutions lasting into the 1st of January. What is the connection between January 1st and New Year's Day? Was January 1st sacred to the pagan god Janus? Were New Year's celebrations condemned for Christian use by the historian Tertullian? Was not New Year's Day supposedly presided over by the pagan goddess Strenua to whom pagans made resolutions to? Did not the late 6th century Council of Auxerre issue the statement, strenas diabolicas observare, meaning "observing the new time of the devil"? Did the Apostle Paul condemn mixing pagan practices with Christian ones as demonic? When was the 'feast of the circumcision' implemented and why was January 1st chosen? What about Pope Sylvester I and December 31st? What does the Bible teach about drunken revelries? Were aspects of New Year's condemned by Roman Catholic leaders? Where in the Bible does God say the new year is to begin?

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