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The Weaponization of Psychiatry Interview by Children's Health Defense Canada
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Peter R. Breggin, MD
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Published a year ago

The Weaponization of Psychiatry--Especially Against COVID Critics

Psychiatry has been the enforcer of choice used by strong-arm governments for as long as it has existed. After all, psychiatry is the perfect cover to make targeted individuals do what government wants. If psychiatry is targeting a person it can be considered a private medical matter— not a matter of the State or a police action.

And as a bonus for the authoritarians: Psychiatry diagnoses the targeted person and the diagnosis says it is this person who is sick/wrong/out of step. Nothing to see here—just a sick person. Move right along.

Finally, for the oppressors, as a double bonus: Psychiatry is able to administer powerful drugs and even electroshock that prevent clear thinking, and in fact can cause a chemical lobotomy and other brain damage in the case of the antipsychotic drugs, and brain damage in the case of electroshock. See Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock, and the Psychopharmaceutical Complex, by Peter R. Breggin MD. This tactic of drugging or shocking the targeted critic neutralizes that individual.

Dr. Breggin is featured in an eye-opening interview by Sherry Strong of Childrens Health Defense Canada where we learn more about how psychiatry is now targeting COVID critics and resisters.

by Ginger Ross Breggin

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