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Controlled banking system Demolition? Whitney Webb on CBDC, WEF & internet privacy, CEO Jamie Dimon
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Published a year ago

Natalie Brunell, April 10, 2023

Whitney Webb is an investigative journalist, writer, podcaster and researcher at Unlimited Hangout, mostly covering intelligence, tech, surveillance and civil liberties. In this episode we discuss:

-Banking crisis and whether there is a deep state plan underway to usher in CBDCs

Can Bitcoin protect us from a dystopian surveillance future with no Internet privacy?

-The court case involving Jamie Dimon being accused of knowing Jeffrey Epstein was a sex trafficker

-The Rise of Jamie Dimon and how the same figures responsible for Epstein, helped put Dimon in his position as CEO of Chase

-WEF and intelligence agencies/law enforcement joining together to go after your data in the name of cyber security

-The RESTRICT Act and recent legislative developments that threaten online privacy

Where it's all going and how to prepare

Her latest investigative work includes a series on the Rise of Jamie Dimon:

She is also the author of the new book, "One Nation Under Blackmail."

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