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BASES2022 Christmas Seminars Julie Phelps - Surviving the Solar reset
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Published 9 months ago

Julie Phelps is a former RAF engine specialist, and had to flee satanic cults in Ontaria Canada, who slaughtered her husband, and come back to the UK, a couple of years ago. She is called to do SSP duties, not dissimilar to the "Avatar" films.

In this update, (see her previous lectures on the BASES series of lectures and talks), she explains, we are faced with an extremely stark future ahead of us. We must Fight and survive.

The key is the SOLAR and magnetic field changes. We are facing a probably "micro-Nova", so a large part of the earth may be hit with a blow out of solar plasma from the sun.

This has happened before.

The earth's extremely weakened and distorted magnetic field, will mean we have a greatly reduced protection from such events.

A Stark and alarming end to the BASES2022 series of the year


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