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What Is the Mark of the Beast and What Is the Beast; How Do We Avoid It & Plagues, Rev 14:9,10
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In Daniel, God used political cartoons to represent the major kingdoms, especially in Daniel 7 where it says four beast represent four kingdoms that “shall arise out of the earth” in verse 17. But Babylon was declining. “Shall arise” is soon when when a lion with eagle wings suggests a UK-US alliance, followed by a bear (Russia missiles in Nicaragua), then a leopard (China) and a dragon beast with 10 horns representing Europe with a little horn (papacy because it has done all the things in Daniel 7-21-25. Protestant reformers were united in that understanding).

In Revelation 13:1-10 we see a beast come out of the sea which represents multitudes and nations, Rev 17:15, and it has a mouth of a lion, feet of a bear, looks like a leopard and had the total of 7 heads and 10 horns from Daniel 7. This is the papacy that survived the kingdoms of Daniel 7 and is represented by an amalgamation of the beasts in Daniel 7 that it survived. It dwells in the populated Old World and had a deadly wound (the Protestant Reformation) but churches today do not protest the papacy, as when Reagan appointed an ambassador to the Vatican or when the pope came to Congress pushing Sunday (Laudato Si’) for religious reasons.

Some early Americans understood the 2nd beast in Revelation 13 represented the US coming out of the earth (not the populated area of the Old World represented by the sea, Rev 17:15. The two horns without crowns represent a government without a king and a church without a pope--Protestant America. It made fire come from the sky—Hiroshima, and causes the world to make an image (look alike) of the first beast (Rome). The United Nations is the beast (government for a New World Order and it will be catholic (universal) in nature because of so many Catholic nations in the UN and unity with Rome’s “mark of authority” as Sunday from 321 AD when Constantine made a Sunday law to unite his kingdom of sun worshipers with Christians who accepted Sunday with the pope’s blessing.

Rome claims the authority to change the biblical day or worship from Sabbath to Sunday in spite of no biblical support for doing so. Their claim is based on tradition that claims the apostles kept the Lord’s day, but Christ said He was “Lord of the Sabbath” (Mark 2:28) and the book of Acts has only one reference to the first day of the week while it has nine references to Sabbath, three of them show the apostles kept “every Sabbath.” 

The focus of a New World Order will include Sunday from Dies Domini by John Paul II and Laudato Si’ by Pope Francis. The world is open to this, but “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

A Constitutional Convention has been requested to update the US Constitution and Sunday should be seen as the mark of the beast—the UN is the road to papal supremacy lost in the Protestant Reformation. How is this so?.

The mark of the beast in the forehead or hand (Rev 14:9) suggests persuasion for Sunday by our reasoning that is done there, or in the hand implies use of force or compulsion because we can’t buy or sell without it, Rev 13:16.

In contrast, the seal of God is seen only in the forehead in Scripture, Rev 9:4. The 144,000 have God’s name in their forehead, Rev 14:1. There is no force or compulsion. But name is only part of a ruler’s seal that includes his office and dominion, like George Bush, President of the United States of America. By contrast, God’s seal is seen in the 4th Commandment where God’s name was replaced by translators with LORD in all capital letters. Bad idea. and He is seen there as Creator and is called “God.”

By contrast, the mark of the beast’s authority is Sunday when those who choose not to honor the Creator will choose to honor “Lord God the Pope” (an official title). In the controversy between God and the devil (Rev 12) we see that the Vatican worships the devil by honoring Lucifer, the angelic name of Satan before he fell, Isaiah 14:12-15, Another papal title is VICARIUS FILII DEI vicar of son of God. This adds up to 666 if one counts U as V because originally they were not separate as vowel and consonant. The point is that the pope is the man specified by Rev 13:18. To go along with Sunday when it becomes an issue will get the plagues.

God winks in times of ignorance, but commands repentance when we come to judgment and both sides are heard. And why wait till then. The current gets swifter as we near the falls. Now is the time to study and get ready.

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