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2022 Comes In With A Roar and The Roaring Has Only Begun! 2/3
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Published 6 months ago |
January 9 2022 Straight Shooting News

Why Does Evil Always Fail, Because Empires Build on Lies instead of facts always crumble. The Truth Will Crush Lies. In 2022 it will be up to We The People to correct the wrongs and then the USA be like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes to rescue the Free World, or comply to the Plan for Global Slavery.

we will move to the intense informational war over the mandates over forcing the jabs on us all. You will understand much better the importance of the U.S. SJC Ruling by the end of part II, and whether or not Our Founders design has been perverted or not.


Part II

Dr Risch This is the End of the Pandemic
Dr. Hemmatti Children will not be affected, with the exception of those with comorbidities
CDC New Guidance for Testing is only “Presumptive”
Dr. Risch Testing for what, omicron has proven testing does matter anymore
Omicron cannot be contain and must be treated
Looking for a way out of their failures
Where are the therapeutics?

End of a dark tunnel and we are coming out, and over the next few months the desperation of the covering up for the lies we were fed will become dangerous.

CDC still pushing Boosters when experts have come out against effectiveness of them
In highly vaccinated countries the vaxes are excelling the infection rate
Hospital are up, but not due to covid, but discover they have it once they are there. NY Gov admits that fact.
Cloth Masks are useless, so what has the damage been to school children over the last school year and this one?

When the celebrity worshippers kick and scream when they watch their Hero’s fall, be prepared to feed them the facts about how vaxes don’t work and are actually

Now Let’s go back to a previous clip we played that explains why vaxed are getting ill from Immunologist Dr. Hooman Norchashasm to put it all in perspective about “Immune System Fatigue, and Immunological Exhaustion” that he refers to as a National Security Threat

Hyper Immunizing People, many who don’t need it
Medical Administrators making decisions they are not qualified to make.
His kid goes to BC
On That Point - why are college students under attack for these boosters?

Chicago Teachers Union)
Where did the 130 Billion with a B that went to the schools go?
Trillion Dollar Packages to special interest groups to fight covid?

Let’s hear more on the education madness. Now we have seen enough evidence that omicron is no more than a cold and not harmful to children or young adults.

Schools are the safest place for children to be
An illegal Strike in Chicago where we see the Big Government Progressives/Communists are at odds with their Teachers Union Lackey’s that help put them in power. As I said at the beginning evil will always fail because of their lies!
College Students are under strict restrictions.
Violating the same ethics students are being taught in the classroom, so how stupid do these Communists believe students really are?
We will soon find out in 2022.

CDC Reports Useless Masking and Division
I believe we have seen enough for this week relating to the insanity occurring, so let’s move on to Part III and the desperation of the Progressives if they cannot control us all.


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