They poisoned people with nasal swabs, says David Martin, PhD
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[They poisoned people with nasal swabs.] [The famous Salk Institute found (April 30, 2021) that the 
spike protein ALONE causes ALL the problems of COVID. 
NO “virus” is necessary.] "Yes, people have 
spike protein fragments." "Some of them from 
the shot 
[the COVID vaccine,] 
[and] some of them from 
the tests that were done." "How many people 
lined up and got 
nasal swabs 
shoved up their nose?” "How many of you know that DARPA funded a company that infects nasal swabs?”

[DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,
U.S. Department of Defense.]

The full 1:41 hour interview with David Martin, PhD interviewed by Alex Jones on 19 June 2024 is posted here:


The press release from the Salk Institute which notes that the spike protein causes all the problems of COVID — NO "virus" is necessary — was released on April 30, 2021, titled "THE NOVEL CORONAVIRUS’ SPIKE PROTEIN PLAYS ADDITIONAL KEY ROLE IN ILLNESS", is posted here:

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