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CBG Product Review
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The Talking Hedge
Published 3 months ago |
A flavorless water soluble CBG powder that you can add to any food or beverage.

b/c brand's water soluble powder is a tincture replacement. Ten times the absorption in an easy to use powder scoop that you can add to anything! Their scientists at b/c brand have invented a patented encapsulation technique to transform CBG oil into a state of the art Water Soluble CBG product that fully and permanently dissolves in water. This product is not a suspension or emulsion, it is in fact, a true encapsulation. Both the encapsulation process and material are proprietary to b/c brand. Each packet contains 2000 mg of water-soluble CBG powder, 14 mg of bio-available CBG per serving. Their CBG is independently lab tested and THC free.

Ingredient: Their encapsulation ingredient is a natural common food additive and CBG is an ingredient in functional wellness food and beverage throughout the world.

Bio-Available: The encapsulation also improves bio-availablity by protecting the CBG from stomach acids, allowing for higher absorption.

Dissolvable: Powder easily dissolves into your favorite beverage. Their product will not bond to container surfaces or fall out of solution.

Flavorless: Their CBG has zero taste and will not interrupt any recipe for food or beverage. Perfect for all of your health-conscious CBG creations.

Jason Lammers, GM of 420 Wholesale Pack

Josh Kincaid, The Talking Hedge podcast

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