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Word of God: 8-18 Cipher Match Overlapping - (Who's Doing This To You?)
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Word of God: 8-18 Cipher Match Overlapping

Updated: August 06, 2022

Gematripedia Database Video - Word of God: 8-18 Cipher Overlaps

Re: Gematria Sunglasses Series - "The secret & hidden half of the English Language they don't want you to know".

By the volunteers at Gematripedia the gematria encyclopedia.

➤ 'CONTROLLED OPPOSITION' VERIFIED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

➤ 'Zachary Hubbard' = 2010 (English Extended)

➤ 'United States Federal Reserve' = 2010 (English Extended)


- WORD OF GOD - 8 Cipher Overlap

"Welcome back Truth Seeker vs. Central Intelligence Agency "

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 243 (English Ordinal)

Central Intelligence Agency = 243 (English Ordinal)

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 117 (Single Reduction KV)

Central Intelligence Agency = 117 (Single Reduction KV)

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 321 (Francis Bacon)

Central Intelligence Agency = 321 (Francis Bacon)

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 483 (Franc Baconis)

Central Intelligence Agency = 483 (Franc Baconis)

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 135 (Reverse Single Reduction)

Central Intelligence Agency = 135 (Reverse Single Reduction)

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 1458 (English Sumerian)

Central Intelligence Agency = 1458 (English Sumerian)

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 91 (Septenary)

Central Intelligence Agency = 91 (Septenary)

'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 84 (Chaldean)

Central Intelligence Agency = 84 (Chaldean)

➤ Activation & training started in 2007, and started making videos in 2013, at the U.S. Army Reserve Base and FEMA Camp HQ in Bothell, WA.

 • 'Welcome back Truth Seeker' = 2007 (Trigonal)

Is finding out who's doing this to us (string pullers), or decoding lamestream news reports of dead rappers that were murdered ___days after Pee Wee Herman's birthday as a tribute to the religious faction of the Judeo-Masonic Mafia..., the Jesuits? Or is it more important to live stream for a straight four hours, to the nationwide local Masonic Lodge members (that are all moderators) so if any of the 5% of people that joins the live chat drops real truth can be blocked. Redundant programming of it's "ONLY the Catholic Jesuits", and thanking the gullible for their live chat donations. We are going to be enslaved for another 350, with red herring agents prolonging the petrodollar beast system. Sad days...


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