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"Never Bet the Devil Your Head: A Tale With a Moral" by Edgar Allan Poe
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Published 9 months ago |
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The picture used is "Covered bridge, Dummerston Vermont, with fall foliage, 2009. Known as the West Dummerston Bridge, it is the longest covered bridge in Vermont. It was completely rebuilt in 1998. A state Historic Site." by chensiyuan, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (

To follow along:

This story uses several words that are no longer acceptable in polite 21st century society, but which I leave in as used in the original text. Mind you, the meaning and usage of those words in the 19th century was very different from how we use and understand them today, which is why I have no problem leaving them in.

While I never learned Spanish, growing up in New Jersey there was plenty of it to be heard. While I can't claim to have done a particularly good job with the opening of this one, I would like to think I did better with it than I have with any of the French that Poe likes to use in so many other stories...

And then there's that one "Muslim" phrase, I don't even know what language that was - Arabic? Persian? Kurdish? No clue, so no way to get any insight into the pronunciation. Google translate was confused by it, so I had to go with a best guess.

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