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Book Author Exposes Your Own Slavery By Your Own Consent! - Daniel Arnold & Cory Endrulat
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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 3 months ago |

Note: We are not of any political affiliations of any kind. We speak from the heart. Thank you Daniel Arnold for interviewing me on this important topic! About The Interviewer: Daniel Arnold is a former United States Marine and a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and security. In addition to hospital and prison security work, he is a respected martial arts trainer who has competed in some combat sports but concentrates primarily on real world self-defense. Dan is an ACE-certified fitness instructor and is currently an NRA-certified firearms instructor with marksmanship awards for both pistol and rifle. Dan is a Baptiste certified Yoga Teacher, speaker, author and researcher. He is also a featured speaker in Cory's upcoming summit. Daniel's Channel: LEARN MORE: What Is Statism & Natural Law (And Action): All You Will NOT Be Told About Modern Abolitionism & Slavery: All My Links: LIVESTREAMS: BE A SPEAKER ON FREEDOM (SUMMIT): NEW CHAT SERVER (GET INVOLVED): Second Channel (Livestream Vods): - #abolitionist #abolitionism #action #change #realchange #changetheworld #libertarian #liberty #abolition #anarchy #anarchism #voluntaryism #voluntarism #statism #consent #freedom #mychoice


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