Headline News With Resistance Chicks Revival In China
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Dec. 4, 2022  Sunday

John Wycliffe: 1330-1383  The Bible is The Government of the People, for the People By the People. Christianity in its true sincere practice has always been suppressed by Tyrants throughout History. Kings, Popes, Regimes silence, persecute, deem their speech as dangers, because Christianity points out faults, corruption, tyranny. They are not God and can not rule other men. Men must serve Almighty God Only and not mere man/men. With these principles we have taken on our local government when our township and county tried to tell us we could not farm on our own property. Another major battlefront for patriots is the food freedom movement and Michelle and I are on the frontlines fighting that fight.

Those who come to our Sunday will learn to use history, scriptures and  strategies that will enable them to tackle local, state, and federal regulations that wish to keep them bound to Big Ag other tyrannical government agencies like the FDA, CDC and USDA. Food Freedom is medical freedom.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

America is a Christian nation whose foundation is solely and completely based upon men and women living out the Word of God. The Bible was the most quoted book by the founding fathers but in the early 1900's secularists hijacked the American school system, with the express goal of rewriting American history to take all mention of God and His Divine hand of Providence out of the curriculum. Because 80% of Christians send their children to public schools we are woefully undereducated and lose many court cases because we do not know how to stand on the same principles that guided the great minds that created this nation's founding documents.

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