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The Secret Routes of Migratory birds | Documentary
Published 3 months ago

Every year millions of migratory birds make their epic journey across Europe - south in the autumn, north in early spring. But recently there have been fewer in our skies, some species have even vanished entirely. What could be discouraging them from flying over our lands?

For over twenty years Christian Moullec has watched and studied birds. He learned to pilot a microlight to fly alongside them. He wants to understand, and act to help these birds continue their seasonal pilgrimages.

And so, he has dreamt up a slightly mad project: a school of migration. He will fly off with a small group of geese. Discover, with them, the pitfalls and dangers of our modern world, and find a new way of crossing our lands. Then, he will leave them to their freedom. With the hope that his pupils will retain their journey’s lessons, and one day pass these on to other wild geese.

For the first time ever, get into the very heart of a migratory journey, flying with the greylag geese and understanding their behavior.

Director: Franck Cuvelier
Writers: Franck Cuvelier, Christian Moullec
Stars: Serge Renko, Nathan Willcocks

naturemigrationhumansgeesemicrolightmigratory birdstraveling birdschristian moulleculvmigratory journey

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