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Alan Dershowitz Says Mandatory, FORCED Vaccines For Everyone!
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Published a year ago |
In this video, Alan Dershowitz answers the question about what appears to be looming tyranny happening nationwide around the COVID-19 pandemic with a surprising and shocking push for forced vaccines for everyone.

He begins by saying, "You have *no right* not to be vaccinated! You have *no right* not to wear a mask! You have *no right* to open up your business... If you refuse to be vaccinated the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge the needle into your arm." to which the interviewer wisely asks, "Where is that in the Constitution?"

He even goes so far as to say the decisions for vaccines are not made by doctors but by legislators, and that he hopes the COVID-19 vaccines is mandated and will go to the Supreme Court against our views that we should never be forced to be vaccinated. He mentions "safe" vaccines. But who determines that it is safe? He wants to cut the doctors out of that decision, and the patient out of that decision, and says it is up to the legislators to decide what is safe and what should be mandatory.

We must spread the truth to everyone to stop this looming tyranny. We are doing a series of interview around Censorship and the Truth About COVID-19. Please tune in and share with everyone everywhere so we can help educate hearts and minds and win them all for truth and life.

This video clip was taken from Jason Goodman's YouTube Channel. Please go there to see the entire video interview: And if you are able, please support their good work.

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