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Report 239 | Invasive Neurotech, True Neuroethics-Panel 2 |Dr. Robert Duncan, Mil/Intel Neuro Expmts
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Ramola D Reports
Published 2 years ago |
Lively discussion on different aspects of the neuro-experimentation projects causing grief, harm, and pain to all reporting victims of these ongoing dark military and Intelligence and Security agency crimes, being run under cover of Surveillance, mental-health-fraud, crime-prevention, predictive-policing, and other invasive and undemocratic programs permitted by Secrecy, Classification, and Compartmentalization, and the ruthless descent of military and Intel neuroscience into limitless depths of unethical depravity, often under the guise of benefit and gain to humanity. Transhumanizing agenda and funding of these projects, fusion houses, Mk Ultra houses, neighborhood perpetrators also discussed. Dr. Duncan offers insights into the neutral, non-human aspects of AI and "collecting brains" concepts of predatory and competitive brain technology research by military neuroweapons scientists who like to oxymoronically clothe their invasive and intrusive non-ethical approaches to neuroweaponry research in the language of "national security" or "advances for humans" and "boon to humanity."

Patrick's cap recommendations, he says these caps help a great deal in shutting down V2k/frequency tones in ears et al:
militarymk ultraintelligencedr robert duncan

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