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Across Holy Ground
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Published 2 months ago |
c. 2002 – Mike Caraway

1) How can I tell you? What can I say
To land us on that lovin, forgivin way
Where we began, as close kissin friends
Until this rain of tears broke us open?
It feels so lonesome to be so strange,
To change what was so free to what seems so arranged,
But I believe it’s true, what’s lost will be found,
Now I’m comin thru to you, across holy ground.

2) Men serve and worship magic mother of light,
Idols of power to bow to and to delight,
Ideals of self, knowin evil and good,
Which would not give you life, even if they could.
This world calls on God’s name, but denies His word,
His rule goes unnoticed, his promise unheard,
But He made us free, with His blood flowin down,
Reachin out to you and me, across holy ground.

Across holy ground, our feet ring a heart-beat away,
Across holy ground, we play our part, sing and pray.

3) Rainbows of kindness flow out thru your eyes,
Your heart’s as honest and faithful as the sunrise,
I start to cheer when I hear you believe,
Knowin when He calls us home we’re ready to leave.
This is the last dance, let’s make it our best,
Steppin away from this old world of death and madness,
Enjoy our love, let’s pass it around,
Let our risen body stand, across holy ground.


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