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Globalist extermination window to wipe out humanity is rapidly closing - John Moore interviewed by Mike Adams
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Published 3 years ago
John Moore and Mike Adams talk about the kill shot that is coronavirus vaccines and the violent Earth changes that are about to happen

Interviewed by Mike Adams, John Moore said taking the coronavirus vaccines mean death. He told Adams that vaccination will kill the most number of people before the violent Earth changes kick in at some point. According to Moore, the people behind the vaccines are speeding up what they’re doing because they want to get a shot at a new world order before the violent Earth changes take everything out – including them.

Adams noted that, as they were recording the interview, President Joe Biden was about to announce mandatory vaccination for all federal workers. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice just announced that it’s legal for all private sector companies to mandate the vaccination to their employees. Moore said he’s been telling people that they can always get another job, but they’ve only got one life and that can’t be changed.

Moore proceeded to talk deeply about the topic of violent Earth changes. He said many retired Navy people told him about the violent Earth changes happening during their lifetime, including worldwide flooding. According to Moore, those Navy people were told that the Ozarks are one of the safe havens when those violent Earth changes happen. That’s why, Moore said, he met many of those Navy people at the Ozarks.

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