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Spoils of spiritual warfare - when they attack us we plunder the enemy and they end up prospering us
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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (May 2022). I will tell you another blundering huge mistake they made. God uses Satan Lucifer himself and who Satan Lucifer calls the “useful idiots Dracos” (who are not very useful but detrimental to Satan Lucifer) and the Illuminati NWO and his minions and the “thorn in the flesh” entities and hell’s pervert army to destroy the devil and his kingdom. After God finished lovingly and faithfully warning the scoundrels and vagabonds and cutthroats and perverted sexual-orientation people and adulterers and fornicators and thieves and mafia and revelers and drunkards and coveters and atheist mockers and scorners and religious Christian hordes and pastors with Jesus’ self-sacrificial love of Christ on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, using us real Christians, without sleeping or eating or bathing or looking for work to cover our own living costs or marrying, while getting cooked alive with CIA microwave oven weapons from next door homes & rooms every day and thousands of other horrific persecutions, God used Satan Lucifer and his Satanists to censor and cut us off from Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, so that we would move to Gab and MeWe and BitChute and Brighteon and other social media sites to share to other people, who are more open to the truth. When those people reject Christ and the truth and refuse to repent, then God will bring judgment upon everyone. If Satan Lucifer and who he calls his blundering idiots (Satan Lucifer blames everything on his minions) had not censored and cut us off from Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, we would be still warning the scoundrels and God-haters and revilers and fake religious Christians on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, instead of sharing the truth on other social media sites. Whenever the devil and his minions censor us and cut us off, God will use that against them to destroy them even more, and spread the truth and warn other people instead that would never have heard the truth and would never have been warned unless Satan Lucifer and his minions had not censored and thrown us out of Twitter and Facebook and YouTube. We would still be on these Satan Lucifer’s social media sites warning the vagabonds and cutthroats and scoundrels who hate God and care nothing for his holiness and righteousness and self-sacrificial love of Christ and his truth that sounds like fiction. Even if the devil and his hiders and concealers and cover-up minions shut down the entire universe, God would still find ways to proclaim his gospel and warnings through his prophets and apostles, if it is his will. By doing their blundering activities and attacking us, including censorship, they only help God and destroy themselves. Everything they do backfires on them, and benefits us, and carries out God’s purpose and will, just like when they persecute us or put “thorn in the flesh” entities inside us to help us destroy Satan Lucifer and his kingdom. You would think that Satan Lucifer (Sanat Kumara) the “light bearer of wisdom” and his Shambhala ascended master fallen angel devils the “enlightened ones” would learn after they persecuted the ancient church and in every consequent age and it backfired on them, but they are like Pharaoh who hardened his heart and perished in the Red Sea, and they never learn from history. A person who never learns from history will follow after history to his downfall, just like every other kingdom. Just as the persecution of the ancient church led the Christians to disperse into every part of the world to spread the gospel of Christ, so also has their censorship of us real Christians from their social media sites for the blind and dumb and evil has led us to other social media sites that we would never have gone to, if they had not censored us and blocked us.

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