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5.6.22: WHAT is REALLY going on? #PsyWar at PLAY? The ENEMY is BUCKLING under HEAVY TRUTH! PRAY!
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Banners for Freedom -
This word was in my heart, stirring me to where I just had share it. I Trust It will bless you and ENCOURAGE YOU, In JESUS Christ!

Pfizer will submit data on Covid-19 vaccine for kids under 5 in next few weeks:

Crazy Abortion Activists Start Brawl And Get Into Violent Fight With LAPD:

Dr Levatino: Spells Out Chapter & Verse What Happens with a 2nd Trimester Abortion:

Biden climate advisor Gina McCarthy: "We're actually going to do 100 rules this year alone on appliances."


Mary Dis-Information by The United Spot:

Commie Dan is passing a bill now which means you won’t be allowed to grow your own food.

Pfizer data dump. This jab should NOT be given to breast feeding Mothers.... they went ahead and did it anyway.

INDIA: The Supreme Court underlined that bodily autonomy and integrity are protected under Article 21 of the Constitution.

Joe Biden ADMITS aborting is the resultant of killing A CHILD!

Reagan vs Fake News:

Mr. Keyes shows why marriage between man and woman is key:

1st Special Forces Command posted this video, yesterday at 6:28pm EST, on TS.

Breakdown of Special Forces vid:

"The Ghost Army”:

"We are NOT going to use your tax dollars, to teach our kids to hate this country or to hate each other"

President Trump says that Truth Social is his version of Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’:

30-Year-Old Needs Leg Amputated After COVID Shot - Thrombosis 💉

Food plants burned down:

During a US Senate committee hearing with Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Majorcas speaking, Senator Rand Paul asked how the executive branch plans to define what constitutes disinformation.

Gates in jail please:

The U.S. Ministry of Truth Interrogates a Man Who Shared Misinformation Online:

Bill being discussed to allow abortion up to 40 weeks.

Incontrovertible Geolocation and Video Evidence of Rampant Drop Box Abuse: Catherine Engelbrecht:

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts dropping truth bombs all over parliament.

Skippy Dee Doo Dah
May 7 2022. 3p-6p


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