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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #230
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-07-12

Topics: The Psychological State Of Police & Their Supporters Part 4, How To Become The TRUE Media Webinar update, WOEIH partnership with Autonomy Unlimited (from Richard Grove), CoVID-19 is a Mind-Control PsyOp, Police are low-level members of the Satanic Cult that rules the world, Confessions Of A Former Bastard Cop reading continued, Policing is a form of SLAVERY, Crony "Capitalism," the Origin of modern Police was Runaway Slave Patrols during the Civil war Era, "Hegelian" Polarization Dialectics as a Divide-And-Conquer Strategy, the Cult Without A Name, the True Illuminati vs. the Dark Illuminati, the Cult Of The Black Sun, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen, "Tragedy And Hope" by Caroll Quigley, "The Anglo-American Establishment" by Caroll Quigley, Police are a VIOLENT GANG that is controlling human society, Voluntarism vs. the Control-based World-View, the necessity of Abolishing the Police, the complete Immorality of Prisons, the Inherent and Natural Right of Self-Defense, the Self-Defense Principle includes the Right to use DEADLY Force if your rights are being usurped, Socialist Healthcare is Theft and Conscription, People of all skin colors are MURDERED by Police every day, Holistic Intelligence vs. Left-Brained Intellect, ALL Contributions to the One Great Work are VALUABLE, Learning the technical skills needed to produce content and media, Waking up asleep family members, the Will to do the Great Work, the Personal Sacrifice which the Great Work requires.

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