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How to cope with the pain, when a young person dies - AUTHENTIC with Shawn Boonstra
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Published 8 months ago

Losing someone to death can be heartbreaking, especially if that person was young. And it's far from rare: studies show young Americans are TWICE as likely to die as their counterparts in other developed nations, like Germany, France, and Japan. The mortality rate for U.S. babies is scarily high, too. How do we cope? AUTHENTIC host Shawn Boonstra says there is something we can do to help make these painful moments less difficult. Website: --------------------------- About Authentic: Host Shawn Boonstra makes it easy to understand how philosophy and biblical principles can help you live an authentic life in the 21st century. We talk about real existential questions—stuff that everybody wonders about: the meaning of life, purposeful living, the nature of human existence, the thoughts of great philosophers and how those have impacted our culture and how we live—the nature of love, relationships, emotions, self-awareness . . . But most of all, we explore what it means to live an authentic human existence. New episodes on Saturdays. Watch on YouTube and a growing list of North American TV networks and stations.


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