Major Disruptive Event Policy #BePrepared
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AirBnB has emailed all users about their new Major Disruptive Events Policy, replacing the ambiguously-named Extenuating Circumstances Policy, starting June 4th. #5GW This should ring some bells as to what “Juneteenth” is all about, JIC you didn’t know how that started with Sabatai Svi in 1666. #BePrepared and get the stuff you need BEFORE SHTF- right now, delivery trucks are still running, and coincidentally JASE Medical has discounted Ivermectin by 20%. It’s ON SALE and you save an additional $10 with my code, PESTCONTROL at A direct link is at where you’ll find more #Solutions

For supporting policy info regarding the systematic destruction of Western society, see Google’s “Sensitive Events Policy” about how they’re filtering results from searches so Citizens don’t know how hard their ass is getting kicked, and ALL health insurance providers’ new addendum regarding “Acts of Undeclared War” not being covered when the ass getting kicked is yours. Again, Get your JASE case with my PESTCONTROL discount- you’ll be able to defend yourself from a multitude of pesty nastiness, including but not limited to malaria, anthrax, and plague. Yep you read that right. #BePrepared and order this before another Ukrainian crashes a barge full of Indians into a bridge. B'more (careful), as we say in Chesapeake.

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