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What Trump is really saying is that; The party is over. Everybody go home until we figure this Sh*t out!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published a year ago |
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The Stock Market dives, Cryptos dive, and physical Gold and Silver cannot be found at their spot prices. What's next? A consumer credit freeze? A run on the Banks? More digital money? Yes to all of these questions plus City and States lock-down, the round-up and testing of the Homeless, the closing of most public events and meeting places and the social distancing will become more restrictive. What's the solution? Stay your ass at home. Use Natural remedies. Home cooking. The return to vintage items is now. And, Hemp products to the rescue. This is the Global financial reset. It's here already! So hold tight and be thankful for what you've got!

Here's Ollie's video. Ollie has caught the virus. He's in Sydney.

Travel from Europe has been suspended for 30 days starting Friday night, except from the United Kingdom! (Who controls America?)
***** This is the financial reset! *****
Heads-up! The supply chain is broken. NOTHING is coming in from China. Most of what we import did come from China. Get to the hardware stores! We are in a bad situation!

"Tankers, Tankers. Everywhere!" - Virus Causes Historic' Traffic Jam' Across Asian Supply Lines | Zero Hedge

Samples of Home-Made-Mask on Tomonews, on YouTube;

Steve Lookner (Agenda-Free TV) is truly covering the Virus story like a champ! has all of the charts and updates on this story is all over this story and they release the latest updates.
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