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Large Wormwood-PX system bodies pass the sun / Meteor debri over Miami / Afterlife2 / Big quakes / READ👇
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High Hopes
Published 2 months ago |

Brandon cory Nagley

March 23, 2023

Today is now 3/23/23... i am showing as always the signs in the heavens that Jesus christ (known as yeshua in Hebrew, and called by many different names) warned to be seen before his second coming. Those signs specifically from the (planet x/ nemesis/ nibiru/ Biblical wormwood of Revelation 8/ the fiery red dragon (being planet x of Revelation 12) what NASA calls the planet 9 system evidence.. In todays video you'll see more pictures taken from NASAs public stereo ahead images as you'll see small and large planet x system bodies that have been passing by and perturbing the sun within the past whole week, not including separate planetary bodies that have also invaded earths solar system and are also passing by the sun. You'll see some more leaks and explosions also that have occured within the past 2-3 days, such as a large explosion in a chemical factory yesterday in Texas at a phenol chemicals plant in pasadena Texas..... Also down in Westlake Louisiana a more serious issue occured a day ago where people of that area were told to hunker down and shelter in place yet not telling the public why they needed to in the first place. Well a white cloud of gas was seen in the region of Westlake and the white cloud seen was a leak from a biolab and chlorine was the white substance that could be seen leaking in a picture taken by someone that was near the area as you'll see.... Two massive earthquakes also have hit within the past 2-4 days. A 7.7+ size quake slammed in Afghanistan and was felt all the way in parts of India and other surrounding regions and then yesterday a large quake that usgs registered as a 6.5 had hit Argentina even though the magnitude I'm sure was more like a 7.0+ size quake... The USGS version of the Argentina quake was the only size I could find as i was too late trying to find the original size... As bigger quakes will continue hitting the closer planet x ( biblical wormwood ) gets to the earth and sun, and because of all the heavy amounts of radiation hitting earth not just from the sun but from other sources such as planet x system bodies and 2 explosions in space that have been sending cosmic waves and galactic waves of radiation towards earth as insider mike from around the world warned of both sets of radiation/energy waves..... Earth is in some deep dung to say the least.... In Puerto Cabello Venezuela I forgot to say also a pipeline exploded down there causing flames to burst from the grounds pipelines there... In New Jersey a large 8-Alarm sized fire broke out. As many are speculating that squatters could be the cause though thats only people's hearsay and words as they are trying to investigate the cause of the fire... As the fire occured at fountain of life center church... In Miami what looks like meteor debri broke up and came in over a ( tale of us) rave set as people were partying and dancing below someone caught amazing footage of what seems to me is more asteroid debri that came in. What's even more amazing is the rave party that was going on where the debri came over was and is called ( the afterlife). Nothing to me is coincidental or by accident as all has its purpose. God was giving a warning and sadly most their partying living for this world didn't get the warning as sadly the world is too busy with itself. As said many times first clusters have been coming in from planet xs tail and from a separate planet x system body. Soon millions will fall globally in Gods timing... Plus more... Newcomers, Jesus Christ is the only way to God and heaven ( John 14;6) and the only way to escape the judgement coming( REVELATION 3:10/ REVELATION 12:5/ 1 THESSALONIANS 4/ 1 CORINTHIANS 15/ john 14:3- bible references.) Pray if you have not accepted Jesus (yeshua) as Lord read BELOW my video in my comments section with my pinned main notes.

Credited videos BELOW-

Some video footage of explosion footage that occured in Texas is credited to ( replyalerts) channel on YouTube.

Planète Explosive 313 Tv/ plasma magnetic storm in Texas skies-planet x system effects-

   • Spectacle De Foud...

Maupmusic/debri over Miami Florida-


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