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Biblical Solution
Published 2 months ago |

I don't normally give anyone the satisfaction of my time when they prove themselves to want to engage in a battle of wits with me when they are unarmed, but this instance had too many irresistible interconnecting points and bullseyes for me to pass up sharing with you folks.

And unlike the cold hearted individual that I am showing so many problems with here, who is so arrogantly labelling my wonderful YHWH with such heinous insults, I wont return evil for evil, but will hope that they see this as their mercifully open opportunity to get right with the God they are blaspheming before they too, are judged under Deuteronomy 13.
If they were not so cruel to my heavenly Father in the way they speak of Him, I would not have bothered making and posting this video to reveal the utter folly of their skillfully practiced expertise of such well honed willful ignorance.  My heart cries out for this individual.

Everybody who denies YHWH's law in these times are controlled opposition. They are either controlled by satan's elite, or directly as free agents, but they are all controlled opposition who so vehemently stand against such a loving God.

May this soul have a change of heart.

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