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Dr Peterson Pierre Talks About The Increased Deaths Associated With The Vaccines Revealed By Coroners
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Published a year ago

Dr Peterson Pierre of Front Line Doctors talks about how coroners have seen and are seeing greatly increased deaths among the vaccinated population which are dying from sudden aggressive cancers and also blood clots causing heart attacks and strokes.

Many people are now beginning to realize that the vaccines are not only harmful with various terrible side effects and are very dangerous but they are also very deadly as that is the true purpose of the vaccines and many of the deaths are occurring in young healthy people which is very astonishing but unfortunately these deaths and all other causes of death related to the vaccines are not being reported by the main stream news media because it will hurt the agendas of the New World Order, The Deep State, the Cabal, etc., and all of those "elites" that want to reduce the world population by murder via the vaccines which so many people were so willing to take because of the fear that was created about a Covid virus which happened because of all the misinformation, lies and deceptions that have been perpetrated upon the whole world.

The people need to wake up faster than they are waking up because many of the people are still taking the deadly vaccines which again are designed to kill, not to provide a cure or treatment for a fake virus that has so far never been isolated. Please share this video so that hopefully it will change the minds of those who have intentions to take the shot or to take more booster shots. Please share the short link below to this video.


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