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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #229
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-07-05

Topics: The Psychological State Of Police & Their Supporters Part 3, How To Become the True Media Seminar enrollment update, July 4th as a Day of Mourning for the Ultimate Sacrifice of the American Revolutionaries that has been squandered by modern Americans, Psy-Ops, Exosome Theory vs. Virus Theory, Satanic Epi-Disgenics Culling, Wisdom is Knowledge converted into Right Action, the False Religion of "Authority," ALL cops are Bad People when we gauge their behavior from a place of True Moral Knowledge, ALL government and ALL Policing Is SLAVERY, the False Awakening of "woke," Characteristics of True Awakening, the Hardened Egos of Solipsists and Moral Relativists, Dark Occultists' Satanic mindset and "Mini-Me" Satanism, Mark's exposing of the Techniques of Cults, Isolation, Conformity, Repetition, Physical and Mental Trauma, "Confessions Of A Former Bastard Cop" reading and analysis by Mark Passio, the Endless List of DELIBERATE Violence and Wrong-Doings by Police, the Complicit SILENCE of alleged "good" cops, Police Academies' employment of CULT Techniques, Police ARE a SATANIC CULT, Police continue to engage in Wrong Livelihood because of their own Self-Loathing and complete lack of true Self-Respect, Police members' absence of Conscience, Police Psychopathy, Police Cowardice, Qualified Immunity for MURDERERS on the Police Forces, the Difference between Primary Psychopathy and Secondary Psychopathy, Police are LIARS, Police routinely use TORTURE techniques, Police are THIEVES, Police are RACIST, Police are RAPISTS, Police are DOMESTIC ABUSERS, Personal Participation in Institutionalized Evil makes YOU an Evil Person, Engaging the Trivium in the wrong order, Putting Rhetoric before Grammar and Logic, NAVER talk to on-duty cops, Getting OUT of your Hardened Ego by admitting you were WRONG, the Right To Kill when Rights are being thwarted as High-Level Spiritual Understanding, What it really means to be a Truly MORAL Human Being, Different "Flavors" of Feudalism and Slavery mistaken as "Freedom."

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