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Simon Parkes - Suffering from Mental illness - Or just an ASSHAT - You Decide
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Published 8 months ago |
Simon Parkes explains how he has Sex with Alien Cats and how the mysterious “Q” uses quantum computer that can see into the future like a crystal ball.

To be clear Simon Parkes has never accurately predicted anything.

And to those who compare Simon Parkes with mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr., Unfortunately I cannot disagree with you more. Here’s my example, Charles Mason suffered from Mental illness. Charles Mason used his Mental Delusions to influence people. Charles Mason had followers that believed Charles Manson, and when Mason told his followers to go out and kill people, THEY DID. Let’s be honest and totally clear, Simon Parkes is not a Mathematician with mental issues, Simon Parkes is a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR, who claims to have sex with alien cats. Also, Simon Parkes claims to have literally spoken to the mysterious “Q” on the phone, which is total bullshit. Simon Parkes claims there is no QAnon which is total bullshit. The “Q” movement didn’t start with Simon Parkes, it started on 4chan. It was named QAnon in the early days on 4chan and continued as QAnon on 8chan.

Simon Parkes is NOT “Q”.

Simon Parkes is NOT a ANON.

Simon Parkes does not believe in QAnon.

That makes Simon Parkes an Observer , and full of shit.

Simon Parkes is either deliberately misleading people with false narratives, solely to receive attention, or he is batshit crazy.

Sorry the truth hurts.
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