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The Truth about Cancer Symposium - Update 3
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Published a year ago |
In this facebook live session, I further explain my previous “AHA moment” about antibiotics being like chemotherapy. I expands on this by saying how much they decimate your good gut microbiome. You can’t simply expect to take a few probiotics following a course of antibiotics and expect that it will return to normal.

Let me tell you about an 8-doctor round-table session I attended where they took questions and how this statement by one of them really resonated with me– “your body is designed to heal itself.” Give it the proper tools and it will do its work!

You don’t need all the drugs that are out there, though sometimes these are important. But, consider this when you next jump to get another round of antibiotics…

He said for us to remember – Cancer is not a death sentence… you don’t need to rush into invasive treatment but take time to weigh your options.

Here is another quote from a Doctor that really resonated with me, “Accept the diagnosis… ignore the prognosis.”

It’s essential to understand and receive the diagnosis, but be aware that conventional cancer treatment generally has a poor prognosis, lower than many natural treatments.

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