Sometimes You Just Gotta Clean out the House
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Sometimes You need to take a good inventory and get rid of things you don't need, people, places, and things?

Music by Send rain

Verse 2; David realized that in order for him to walk with God he need to keep his house in order and get rid of anyone who would be an obstacle to him?


Verse 3; I will guard my eyes (Bathsheeba) The TV, cell phone and the mouse?


Verse 4; Get rid of wicked people, toxic relatives, would they be your friend if you weren’t related?


Verse 5; The Slanderer AKA the busy body, if they talk about everyone else, they also talk about you when you’re not around?


Verse 6; Keep good friends the ones you enjoy spending time with, the ones who add to your life.


Verse 7; Get rid of all the liars those who always have an agenda, those who always want something. They never call or drop by unless they want something?


Verse 8; The sooner get all the weeds out all the garden the better your life will be?

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