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No Rapture, No Escape? (Video 3 of 7)
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Published 2 years ago |
End-Times Escape is Still Possible...

Luke 21:25 speaks of these last days, in predicting "anxiety of nations, in perplexity."

I don't think a better description would be possible to describe the mood of the nations or their people right now.

For example, 'anxiety' and 'perplexity' arise from the dangers of ISIS infiltrating the nations of the West, gaining entry with the waves of Islamic refugees flooding into Europe, and soon, America. Recent ISIS terror attacks in Paris, the US and other places have shaken the world with these concerns.

While many citizens are near panic, feeling insecure and unprotected by their respective governments, some governmental leaders continue to push through more immigration, with little or no viable screening. Indeed, one of the most basic responsibilities of any federal government is to protect citizens from foreigners who would do the citizens harm. Yet, it seems like the freedoms of citizens are reduced more and more while a real threat, such as ISIS, is hardly considered when allowing millions of unknown immigrants into normally stable countries. All of this certainly seems crazy to the man on the street, causing both 'anxiety' and 'perplexity' to millions.

It is as if there is some larger hand deliberately orchestrating unrest and social upheaval in the developed countries - but that would be crazy - right? Or could it be part of UN Agenda 2030 with the goal of softening up the population to make way for world government? At what point will people be so weary of turmoil and trouble that they will capitulate? I would say, just about 2030. Until then we can expect nothing but more and worse of the same.

After that, instead of the "peace and safety" that is promised, the world will sink into the most critical time period of all history - the Great Tribulation. The Man of Sin and the Mark of the Beast will soon follow. No one will be able to buy or sell without the Mark. Yet, taking the Mark is to share the eternal fate of the Beast. The whole world will be confronted with this.

The only way of dealing with this is to take the Mark, accept martyrdom, or somehow escape before it happens!

Millions of Christians think they will escape in a pre-trib rapture of "the Church." Many of them are so sure about this that they are unconcerned about the Tribulation or the Mark.

There is a way of escape - but a Pre-Tribulation Rapture isn't it.

This video presents facts of history proving that the underlying assumptions on which the Pre-Trib Rapture teaching are based are entirely false - meaning the doctrine that millions of Christians are counting on for protection is nothing more than a theological mistake.

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Because Escape is Still Possible...
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