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THE NWO RESET - How Ukraine, Food Shortages, Economy Crash and Digital Currency is a SETUP - 7772666
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Published 2 years ago
You are going to want to hear these guys out till the end if you want to really understand what is really going on.
WHY?: Because they Explain how the Ukraine False Flag war, Planned Food Shortages, Forced Economy Crash, the old Covid scam and the coming new "Covid" scam, and the soon coming Mandatory Digital Currency(bye bye CASH, bye bye freedom...) are all related and are meant to push(trick) the USA and other Sovereign states into voluntarily accepting all of THAT, which is a compete Con-Job SETUP which will be the foundation for putting EVERYONE IN THE WORLD into the exact same SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM which China completely controls their 1.5 BILLION residents with.

Also, how it will all be connected to the U.N., NWO, Agenda2030, Universal Basic Income, Climate Control Agenda and how the Vatican is ultimately behind it all and will be the main beneficiary of this control structure.

The question is are you going to take the bait and FALL FOR IT ALL?
NEWS FLASH: If you are using QR codes and Digital Only Coupons - then you are already falling for part of it...

And then they show you how all of THAT is directly connected to the remaining unfulfilled biblical prophesies.

If you ever wondered HOW "they" could possibly fulfil the prophesy of causing everyone in the world to not be able to buy and sell unless they have the "mark" - then THIS video lays out "their" Blueprint to the tee.

Like I said, you're gonna want to see this.

7772666, Ukraine, Digital Currency, NWO, Food Shortage
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