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Alternative Watercolor Palette, DIY, Recycle, Save Money
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Published 2 months ago |
I had to leave Youtube. I couldn't stomach how gross it is anymore and the censoring makes me want to throw up. They work so hard, out of desperation, to manipulate the truth. It looks like hundreds of thousands of fake bot A.I. comments are mostly used on media/news produced videos. They have so much to hide and they can only try to look good by lying about the truth. What a group of losers. Most people know they promote fake created "influencers", too....and fake beauty world drama...fake Tana Jake relationships....gaaaaag!
This is one way I've made a watercolor palette when I didn't have one on hand, my other 3 were already used and I didn't have any pans or half pans to spare. This worked out just fine for me. Maybe it will be helpful to others. Why do we always have to rush to buy or shop online if we need something? We can be creative, save some money, and try to make what we need with what we have on hand. Save some money and use it for more paint, more paper, or better brushes.

I purchased that shown Artist Quality Lightfast Winsor Newton watercolor tube paint directly from the factory in China, a year before the COVID tragedy. Since then, I'll be honest, at this time, I don't feel comfortable buying from China, using Ali Express. I'm afraid they might try to send something with Chinese bio warfare created on it. Others might feel ok about it, and that's perfectly fine, but I don't really know the fullness of what and why with this COVID situation. Most people don't either. It's all a shame because in the artist community, it had been a way to get massively inexpensive art supplies of supreme quality, the same kind sold in the USA for sometimes 5 times higher prices.

I know it says "Cotman" at the top of the color chart, but I wrote it and made the color chart before actually getting the paint and realizing it wasn't "Cotman". I've since painted over that word with white gouache....but it was for my use and I knew what it was and wasn't confused.

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