Ukraine - Millions evacuate to the west through safe passages
81 views • 03/10/2022
DW News.
For another day, Russia says it will hold fire, to allow safe passage for civilians from five cities. That's according to Russia's TASS news agency, quoting the defense ministry. Air-raid sirens blared in Kyiv. There were reports of explosions in surrounding areas. Residents of the suburb of Irpin, that's under Russian attack, have been trying to flee on foot.

During a ceasefire announced on Tuesday, thousands of civilians in the northern city of Sumy managed to leave by bus. Ukraine's government shared a video on this. Among the people evacuated were foreign nationals. But Ukraine claims Russian troops shelled the route leading away from the city of Mariupol.

Ukraine's army says it still continues to hold Kyiv despite attacks nearby. As the Russian invasion meets resistance, there are fears they could step up their attacks on civilian areas.

00:00 Fleeing Ukraine during ceasefire
02:15 How is the situation in Kyiv?
05:07 Kharkiv: Parts of city center destroyed by shelling
09:32 People are trying to flee through Lviv
12:55 Refugees on Polish-Ukrainian border
17:46 US dismisses Polish offer of MiG-29 fighter jets
18:06 Russian oil import ban announced by US President Biden
19:00 EU to ditch Russian energy by 2030
21:35 Berlin: Thousands of refugees arrive from Ukraine

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