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By the numbers...40,000 miscarriages and spontaneous abortions or would it be 400,000
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High Hopes
Published 2 months ago |

Jim Crenshaw.

That was not a misleading headline by the way. There have been numerous studies done that say about 1% of adverse reactions are actually reported to VAERS. There are some 4,000 listed in VAERS. If we gave VAERS the benefit of the doubt (I am not inclined to do that but whatever) and say that 10% and not 1% are reported (the 1% reporting number was from a Harvard study) then...

That means the 4,000 miscarriages in VAERS represents 40,000 covid vaccine aborted babies. It is working much better than the morning after pill:

The CDC had an article where they plainly stated that covid vaccines do not cause miscarries. That is a bold faced lie. By the way the CDC and the FDA are the defacto advertising agents for the Covid vaccines. Why? The manufacturers are not allowed to advertise any product only cleared for "experimental use"...think about it. You don't see Pfizer, Moderna and the rest advertising this crap do you? Why does the government do it? They are getting paid. Paid for what? Paid to murder.

They are doing this on purpose, she is correct, the people in charge are not stupid. On the contrary they are as evil and vile as it gets. They are deliberately culling the human population and destroying our ability to continue the human race. It is a sterilization, genocidal shot.

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