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Globalist Plan For UN Directed Depopulation - Using Vaccines For Extermination!
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Published 2 years ago
Whether you like or don't like him, Alex Jones has been warning people for decades what these evil godless bastards plans are, and now we see it coming to fruition before our very own eyes. These globalist, these communist, nazi mass-murdering criminals are not even trying to hide it anymore. They're using toxic vaccines, PCR tests swabs, masks, abortions, and wars to depopulate the world. They say the next plandemic will be some bird flu, but I suspect it will be those who took the vaccines, the PCR tests, and those face masks they've found the graphene oxide nano bot worms on. People will fall dead like flies in the coming year, or perhaps much sooner. Their deaths will be blamed on this new bird flu, when in fact they will be due to all I've mentioned above. Protect yourselves, and protect your children, do not fall for these evil Satanic lies of some virus. If you believe in God, then put your faith and trust in Him and Him only. May God bless and keep all of you.

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