The Black Little Mermaid is PEAK DISREPECT Towards Black People - Jody Bruchon Politics
58 views • 09/14/2022

Surely I'm not the only person that thinks that black people deserve their own original stories instead of an existing "white" story with a black coat of paint slapped on top of it. The people who think this is great because of "representation" should be deeply offended because it's not representation at all; it's exploitation of black skin to virtue signal and to stir controversy for marketing purposes. Besides, even ignoring the whole lazy race-swapping thing...the movie looks awful. Is "she looks like she's in a dark, dirty place with amateur-level lighting" how black people really want to see themselves "represented?" How is it that ANY black person defends this absurd tokenism? SUPPORT LINKS SubscribeStar: PayPal: Ko-Fi: Flattr: Liberapay: MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS Jody Bruchon Tech: Jody Bruchon Entertainment: Jody Bruchon Photo/Video: Jody Bruchon Politics: Jody Bruchon's Stock Footage and VHS Archive: Gazing Cat Productions: FOLLOW ME ON OTHER PLATFORMS Telegram: BitChute: Odysee: Rumble: YouTube: Brighteon: Dailymotion: Minds: Locals: MY WEBSITES Personal/programming site: Video production site: Computer repair site:

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