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Canadian Freedom Truckers Address Nation
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Canadian Sentinel
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Published 2 years ago
The maintream media no longer reports the truth in Canada and the Freedom Truckers are addressing the nation directly through this press conference. The data and science supports the end to mandates and to highly qualified professionals make the point that the mandates are no longer needed and are in fact causing far more harm than good.
This conference in to counter the bald-faced lies the government is feeding the sold-out 'press'.
From the beginning the cowardly Prime Minister called the patriotic Canadians a 'fringe group who opinions were unnaceptable'. In fact the Truckers Convoy garnered support from millions of Canadians from coast to coast who lined highways and overpasses in freezing temperatures to cheer on the truckers and show their support. By the time the convoy was crossing the prairie provinces it stretched to over 78 km long.
The Ottawa police chief proudly boasted that they got the ten million dollars raised through go fund me suspended. It can be concluded that he and his department were a party to fraud by deliberately lying about the peaceful, patriotic protesters.
This is a dangerous time for Canada and these brave men and women are fighting against all odds for the preservation of the freedoms all Canadians have enjoyed and far too many are taking for granted.
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